Capacity Strengthening

IPAT provides training to enhance the capacity of teams and individuals to engage effectively in their peacebuilding roles.

Our approach to capacity strengthening focuses on enhancing organizational and individual capacity through reflective learning. Our courses and events are designed to help you:

  • Increase your awareness of critical issues such as: the crucial role of emotional and relational aspects in peacebuilding among people; the critical value of multi-stakeholder processes; the detrimental gap that can exist between external analysis, local experience and understanding the importance of ensuring inclusive national dialogues and agreements in gaining broad-based support.
  • Strengthen your skills for addressing these issue in locally relevant ways.
  • Improve your know-how for bringing together knowledge and skills to engage strategically and effectively in a range of contexts.

Capacity Strengthening services are tailored to your particular objectives and needs, and are available in through our Annual Courses, and through Customized Learning Events.

Annual Courses

IPAT offers two courses on an annual basis for open registration. Both are highly interactive, and incorporate participants’ specific practical challenges into the programme:

This course seeks to better equip advisers to work on change processes in a range of contexts by honing essential interactional skills, building capacities and offering guidance on how to understand and navigate the broader political and institutional environments they find themselves in.

Full course description available here (English/Français)

This course is commissioned by the Human Security Division of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

(in partnership with GCSP)

This five day Leadership Course provides an opportunity for current and potential leaders to enhance their understanding of sustainable peacebuilding and leadership styles and provides an opportunity for practitioners to enhance their understanding of both leadership and sustainable peacebuilding.

This course is commissioned by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

Customized Learning Events

IPAT works closely with you to learn about your specific needs and goals, and to cooperatively design and facilitate customized learning events that address your capacity strengthening objectives.

Examples of Customized Learning Events include:

Customized Diplomatic training courses ●  Increasing the Ability to work with Conflict-Sensitivity ● Participatory Assessment Skills ● Peacebuilding Dialogue Skills ● Planning for Local Ownership

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