Jean-Paul Chami

Published on May 21, 2019 | Categorised in:

Lebanese Peacebuilding Consultant, Trainer and Dialogue Facilitator specialized in Conflict Transformation, Jean-Paul has delivered more than 60 training workshops and lectures in Lebanon, and across the Arab region on Peace and Conflict-related topics and skills, hence, incapacitating hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals in conflict-stricken countries and localities.

He directs Peace Labs, a Lebanese peace NGO which he founded in 2011, and through which he advocates for bottom-up approaches to peace through supporting existing mechanisms for peace and conflict conciliators at the local level.

Leading, Teaching/Training, and Peace Advising are the three-in-one professional hats that he juggles on daily basis; the three together have defined who he is on his personal and professional journey of contributing to Peaceful Change in the world.

Of the several assignments he has taken on previously, North Africa Regional Program Coordinator for Interpeace (Geneva) managing the “Roads to Peace” program in Libya in 2014, Local Level Peace Coordinator at UNDP (Lebanon) in 2010-2011 and Iraq Peace Program Manager at the Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue (FDCD) in 2008-2010.

Jean-Paul has a BA in Business Administration from the Lebanese University, an MA in International Relations from the Lebanese American University and another MA in Peace and Conflict Studies from the European Peace University in Austria.

His favorite motto is: “Collective Problems should be addressed Collectively.”