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  • Sixth course on Leadership for Peacebuilding

    Published on December 10, 2014

    Peacebuilding efforts are undertaken in environments with multiple actors and stakeholders, multiple centers of de facto power and influence, divergent interests and most often low levels of trust. The challenges are such that no actor – no matter how powerful and well resourced – can tackle them alone. These situations require ‘leadership’, which is the ability to bring people together towards a common goal. Notwithstanding formal hierarchies of authority, such ‘leadership’ can be required within an organization and is essential to foster collaboration between the many organized actors.

  • New IPAT coordinated course on Effective Advising in Complex and Fragile Situations

    Published on December 10, 2014

    For decades, ‘technical cooperation’ to strengthen State capacities has been a major instrument of international development and State-building support. Yet the record of its overall effectiveness is mediocre. Many factors can explain the limited effectiveness: some have to do with the recipients of this form of assistance, some with the practices of the providers, and others with the competencies of the ‘expert advisers’ themselves.

  • IPAT supports new partnership with Kenyan government

    Published on October 28, 2014

    IPAT Peacebuilding Adviser Michaela Ledesma traveled to Nairobi in May and August 2014 to advance a new partnership between the Interpeace East and Central Africa Regional Office and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC), Kenya. The national-level government body was formed following 2008 elections violence with a broad-based mandate to alleviate ethnic discrimination and promote [...]

  • A day on Conflict Sensitivity

    Published on September 23, 2014

    On 9/11 2014, a coincidental yet perhaps also symbolic date, IPAT facilitated a learning event on ‘conflict-sensitivity’ with staff of the Stability and Humanitarian Affairs Unit of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Netherlands are one of the supporting donors to IPAT, so it was a pleasure to be able to work together again. [...]

  • Reflections on planning for Local Ownership

    Published on September 16, 2014

    “After nine months in the country, the four person advisory team, made up of two South Koreans, a Japanese and a Singaporean, of the Asean Assistance Mission in Switzerland (AAMIS), have started urging the Swiss government to take more ownership of their immigration and naturalization policy.” Likely scenario? Not really? We expect the Swiss authorities [...]

  • IPAT carries out consultations in Comoros

    Published on September 3, 2014

    IPAT provided support to UNDP’s peacebuilding programme in the Comoros Islands in July 2014. In coordination with the local UN Peace and Development Advisor, IPAT met with a range of governmental and civil society actors on Grand Comore Island, exploring local perceptions on the challenges and the opportunities for enhancing social and political cohesion in [...]

  • Reflecting on ‘Dialogue’ – The Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue Seminar 2014

    Published on July 17, 2014

    This year’s annual seminar from the Nansen Centre for Peacebuilding and Dialogue (Norway) focused on ‘dialogue’. Koenraad Van Brabant was invited as one of the key resource people, and shared IPAT-Interpeace’s experience with and perspective on some core questions: Do we want to promote ‘dialogue’ as the core of what we do or is ‘dialogue’ [...]

  • The 6th senior-level edition of ‘Enhancing Leadership for Peacebuilding’ course will be held in November

    Published on July 7, 2014

    ‘Enhancing Leadership for Peacebuilding’ provides an opportunity for current and potential leaders to enhance their understanding of sustainable peacebuilding and leadership styles. The course will take place from Monday 17th November to Friday 21st November 2014 at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, in central Geneva, Switzerland. The course is targeted at current and potential [...]

  • IPAT recently provided facilitation support to a Great Lakes regional planning

    Published on May 30, 2014

    In late April early May 2014, an IPAT Senior Peacebuilding Adviser (Koenraad Van Brabant) facilitated a two-and-a-half day workshop for senior staff from four Dutch embassies in the Great Lakes region (Bujumbura, Kigali, Kinshasa and Kampala). This was the second internal workshop. The first had taken place in September 2013 and was facilitated by International [...]

  • Interpeace launches new initiative – International Peacebuilding Advisory Team (IPAT) at the United Nations

    Published on April 1, 2014

    06 March 2014 – Interpeace launched its new initiative, the International Peacebuilding Advisory Team (IPAT) at the United Nations Office in Geneva. The event was co-hosted by Michael Møller, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Acting Director-General of United Nations Office at Geneva, and Scott M. Weber, Director-General of Interpeace. Attended by over 70 high-level participants, the [...]