Our People

IPAT is composed of a team of Senior Peacebuilding Advisers and a network of Associates, supported by a core team in our Geneva Office. Our Senior Peacebuilding Advisers and Associates have worked on the front lines of peacebuilding practice in some of the most challenging contexts. Drawing on a diverse set of professional experiences, including in the diplomatic corps, the United Nations, relief agencies, and research and policy institutes, IPAT Advisers and Associates are practised at applying their peacebuilding expertise to a range of practical and political challenges.

Philip Thomas (1965 – 2018) – In memoriam

Philip Thomas was a highly valued Senior IPAT Associate and a long-standing friend and collaborator of Interpeace. He significantly contributed to IPAT’s work, strategy, and methodologies. We remain immensely grateful to him and honor his legacy in the peacebuilding field.