Salif Nimaga

Published on April 30, 2020 | Categorised in:

Salif Nimaga is a Peacebuilding Consultant based in Berlin, Germany. He has more than 15 years of academic and programming experience in the areas of peacebuilding and transitional justice. Covering a considerable variety of institutional and geographical contexts, he has worked as a Programme Manager for the UN Peacebuilding Fund in the Peacebuilding Support Office (PBSO) in New York as well as at the grass-roots and local level in Argentina and the African Great Lakes Region. He leverages this experience in the accompaniment of teams and multi-stakeholder processes through the support of a wide range of partners such as UN agencies, funds and programmes, the World Bank, bilateral development cooperation agencies (GIZ) and civil society organizations.

A lawyer and sociologist by training, he has researched and published on interdisciplinary aspects of transitional justice and dealing with the past during an academic career at Berlin’s Freie Universität and Humboldt Universität. His PhD is dedicated to a methodological foundation of an impact analysis of the international criminal justice regime with a focus on prevention and psycho-social effects on victims of gross human rights violations. Salif is a well-rounded DM&E professional providing support to systemic and participatory conflict analysis, strategic project and programme design, development of theories of change, conflict-sensitive and results-based monitoring as well as formal evaluations and other forms of evaluative exercises.

In addition, he delivers participatory trainings, interactive facilitation of meetings and reflection exercises. Substantial regional expertise in the African Great Lakes Region and West Africa/Sahel and his diverse working languages (English, French, German, Spanish) round out his profile.