Jan Ubels

Published on October 11, 2017 | Categorised in:

Jan Ubels (1956) is a Senior Associate for the International Peacebuilding Advisory Team. He specialises in Organizational and capacity development, Change management and process facilitation, and Training and coaching.

Jan is a Senior Strategist with SNV Netherlands Development Organization and has an independent training and coaching practice. He has thirty years of experience as consultant, director, trainer and strategist across a variety of settings. This allows him to address situations and processes with a deep appreciation of the multiple dynamics and dimensions at work.

He was the primary editor of ‘Capacity Development in Practice’ (Eartscan 2010), which focuses on capacity development in complex multi-actor settings. He has also written on advisory skills, public-private collaboration, scaling and applying systems change thinking. As a lead facilitator of IPATs annual courses on Effective Advising, Jan loves to create a safe setting for deliberate professional learning and reflection on practice.