Nora Refaeil

Published on October 11, 2017 | Categorised in:

Dr. Nora Refaeil is an attorney by training, and a mediator, coach and trainer by inclination. By calling, Nora is a change catalyst. In the last 20 years, she initiated and facilitated conversations for systemic and sustainable change in a variety of fields: Be it as an attorney advising clients or as a transitional justice expert working with governments and civil society organization on how a society can overcome past human rights violations and work towards reconciliation. Nora also works with a variety of organizations on how to overcome racism and to move towards more just and inclusive institutions. Nora further supports leaders who are motivated to make a difference, take action and contribute to positive change in their organizations, institutions and communities.

Nora worked ten years as an attorney before she moved into the peacebuilding field. She worked on a variety of transitional justice processes and was the Special Adviser on Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation in Pristina, Kosovo. Nora also worked for a variety of organizations including the Conflict Prevention, Peacebuilding and Mediation Instruments Division of the European External Action Service.

Nora is a Senior Associate for Interpeace’s International Peacebuilding Advisory Team and has been part of Interpeace’s core training team designing and conducting the “Effective Advising in Complex Contexts” course since 2013. Nora teaches at the University of Basel and at various institutes and peace academies. Nora is on the Executive Board of the Institute of New Switzerland and the Vice President of the National Commission Against Racism in Switzerland.

Nora can be reached at and +41 79 592 86 68.