Anita Ernstorfer

Published on May 21, 2019 | Categorised in:

Anita Ernstorfer is the Founder and Owner of Untangle (LLC), focusing on a systems thinking approach to social change. Based on 17 years of international experience across five continents, she works with international peacebuilding, development and humanitarian actors to enhance the effectiveness and accountability of their work, policies and funding decisions in complex settings. This includes applied research, advisory and accompaniment, evaluative reviews, and facilitation. Before working independently, Anita led the peacebuilding effectiveness practice area and the advisory service wing at CDA Collaborative Learning Projects (CDA). She also worked as a peacebuilding and conflict prevention adviser with UNDP and UNICEF, and as a program manager with GIZ. Anita combines substantive expertise in the peace and conflict field with a background in advising organizations on strategy and portfolio development, applying user-friendly practical tools. Anita has developed new approaches and tools for participatory program design, monitoring and evaluation in the peacebuilding field. She is particularly interested in working with funders and implementers to enhance collective impacts and ensure that international efforts maximize their positive potential and minimize unintended negative impacts on the local context. Anita operates in English, Spanish, and German, and holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science and Spanish Philology.